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The ISOA-NFT project is a max collection of 10,000 custom, hand-drawn NFTs featuring viral sensational artwork from around the world. Each NFT is unique, offering holder benefits that include online and in-person access to Artwork which has been archived in Firooze Gallery in UAE.

The heartbeat of the ISOA NFTs community is our Discord, where Artists, celebrities, athletes and fans around the world come together to plan meetup events, participate in NFT giveaways, earn time with ISOA NFTs, gain discounted access to future NFT drops and much, much more! Join our Discord now for free! to get the news as soon as possible and follow our latest announcements.

In ISOA-NFT project, every NFT is rare. Each NFT is carefully drawn one at a time, with careful attention to detail. The result is a higher quality supply, unique opportunities for customized NFTs and an iterative approach that will meet the artistic trends of the everchanging web3 space.


Step 1 - LAUNCH

ISOA is trying to build our community from the ground up. Join our community to access future NFT drops, giveaways and much more. 10,000 ISOA NFTs are coming.

Step 2 - WARM UP

After reaching 20,000 members on Discord, we’ll thank our early supporters by randomly airdropping 5 ISOA-NFT in a special giveaway. We will open an exclusive presale whitelist to give Discord members access to NFTs at a lower price. Stay active in Discord to learn more!


We know a lot of artists in the NFT community and beyond! We will reinvest 20% of the benefits in marketing campaigns before the public sale to keep the momentum going around the ISOA-NFT. We believe the best way to make the ISOA-NFT thrive through time is by planning multiple advertising campaigns, even after the public launch.


After introducing our original ISOA-NFT, we want to explore. We also ran a merchandise store to make our community stand out. At ISOA-NFT we love art; and that is why we will provide you with personalized art, totally by hand. From personalized sweatshirts, t-shirts and totally handmade elements with your personal NFTs; Only in this way will we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the communities.


When all of these stages are completed, for each day in upcoming month, holders will receive daily gifts. The three wise men will bring exciting surprises this year! Stay connected on our social media and Discord—it doesn’t end here!

Final Step - METAVERSE

When all of these stages are completed, we want to introduce ourselves to a Metaverse (Decentraland, Blocktopia, The Sandbox) and plan our online-sales of arts there and of course different other activities to be carried out for the entire ISOA-NFT community. All ISOA-NFT owners will have access to all future events that we develop in these metaverses.


ISOA-NFT project never sleeps. We’re up all night working on improving the project. ISOA-NFT is yours, and your rewards are unimaginable as a member.


We are constantly reinvesting in marketing. We will sign a contract with some of the best NFT's Marketing agencies and we will work hand in hand with it so that our project never stops ringing.


We know a lot of artists in the NFT community and beyond! The sweet reward is awaiting you. We will reward our community with gifts and giveaways several times throughout the year. Our main giveaway would be a 10 % discount for every art piece that is purchased from our galleries by our holders.


Our community will organize meetings multiple times a year. The first event will be an exclusive party somewhere in the world, chosen by the community, with our Artists and other Art gallery members.


When all of these stages are completed, the most exciting news is that holding on to your ISOA-NFT will guarantee you to participate in our galleries in the metaverse. These galleries will represent actual artworks in the real world or new projects of NFTs ... And obviously customers will receive rewards randomly.


When all of these stages are completed, The ISOA-NFT team is ambitious, and we want the best for our community, so we plan to work with the best partners only. Soon, we will reveal our partnership with some platforms dedicated to play to earn games in the metaverse.

TEAM Members


Sattar Soltanpour


Mohammad Hosein Ashtiani


Mohammad Zaher Rezaei



Yes, join our Discord to learn more about how to be whitelisted.

Minting will be announced on our Discord group. We will be holding a presale before the public launch for our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist.

Main ISOA NFT project includes 10000 NFTs; also we have sub-projects which include different verity of NFTs from 30 to 250 NFTs.

Join our Community, and feel free to ask any questions you have. All essential information will be announced on Discord

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