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Magical Wings

A poem from Moshiri: Neither am I an eagle nor a dove, But when I come to life on this strange soil, The magical wings of poetry, Dream wings of love, will take me to heavens, I’ll reach the peak, Getting away far from the surface, Reaching a world where Music is the soul and …

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Just You

A part of a beautiful poem from Rumi “Life apart from everyone can be tolerated but without you, it can’t” in Broken Nastaliq calligraphy style.


(بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم) “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim” the first Verse of the Quran and the most well-known verse that is said to be recited at the beginning of every work or job that is going to be done.

Wind of Love

Don’t let the wind blow your hair or my heart will get blown away A beautiful poem by Hafiz the great Persian Poet, written in Nastaliq calligraphy style

Reed’s Tale

How a reed-flute can talk is a great symbol of depression that comes after each time two lovers separate from each other. This poem from Rumi describes it perfectly. “Listen to this reed how it complains, talking the tale of separations”


A poem from Romi: At every moment I surrender myself to destiny I feel calmer than a Gezelle more fearless than a Lion

Blue Sun

This great combination of Slimi and Khataei formed a Blue sun which is literally called Shamseh. Shamseh is an Arabic word for SUN and It’s mainly used in the central part of decorations and plays a vital role in Tazhib.

Romantic Rebel

Birds are messengers of love in ancient Persian mythology. Depicting two different birds in love shows a rebellion of Love that can fill in every heart no matter the consequences. Tazhib the world of light is always looking to shed more lights in to people’s life.

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